Profit Mining

We provide the highest profit in the world from mining for our customers

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This calculation is for your information only and is made using current Bitcoin price and THs cost. Real results may vary.

Why we?

The company "Profit Mining" sells cryptocurrency mining facilities. We enable our customers to purchase power from 1 TN. We provide the daily profit that goes to the customer’s account. "Profit Mining" doesn't receive any sales revenue. The company retains a commission of 25% of the net income of customers, most of which is spent on reward partners. It seems to us that it's fair!

Our unique advantageous working conditions allow customers to earn profits where others loose it. Due to the low cost of electricity and the direct supply of equipment, our customers are getting:

allow them to buy as cheap as possible;

to receive the income several times more, than at competitors;

Our company can connect, set configuration, and provide maintenance and repair of equipment independently. The only thing our clients need to do is to withdraw their profit. We will take care of the rest!

Bitcoin price realtime:

Low price

We offer the lowest possible prices for electricity and mining capacity. Our prices are several times lower than the prices of competitors.

Withdrawal without commission

Acceptance, deposit and withdrawal of funds is carried out only in Bitcoin. We don't hold commissions for internal transfers, deposit and withdrawal of your money.

Transparency of the company

It's very important for us that our clients and partners trust us. And it is not just words! We give the opportunity to ensure the transparency of our company. This is the availability of equipment, daily income and statistics, which can be read by anyone.

Highest income

With us you'll get the highest profit in the world from mining. Our profitability exceeds the profitability of competitors, at least in several times!

Relevance of equipment

We offer a low cost of electricity, and therefore our equipment remains relevant as long as possible. The low price of electricity allows equipment to remain profitable longer. Where other companies are turning off the exact same equipment, our customers will still generate revenue.

Equipment is property of customer

Competitors offer their customers a contract under which he can use the equipment for a certain time. We provide the equipment in the property of our customers, and don't require the conclusion of contracts!

What problems you can avoid by working with us?

Benefit #1

With us you don't have to learn all the nuances of the equipment. There is no need to purchase expensive equipment and search for premises for its placement. Our company is ready to provide the customer with good electrical power, install air conditioning equipment and provide staff to monitor the equipment.

Benefit #2

Choosing another company, which is engaged in mining, you risk facing the high cost of mining capacity, low profitability or its complete absence. Also, most companies enter into a contract with a client for the use of equipment. We give the equipment to the client in full possession. In addition, there aren't so many companies on the market, because in difficult times, many went bankrupt or stopped their activities.

Bonus program

We offer a bonus rewards program. By investing in the amount of $ 2,500, our client receives a share of the company's income and the VIP status of a partner. This status gives the client a lot of privileges.

We have prepared the perfect marketing for the maximum profit of our active partners. Non- standard partnership reward system allows you to get a big income! The first level is 5%, the second level is 6%, the third level is 7%. And at these levels, the reward doesn't end! With each earnings of your team you will receive your own big profit.

In addition to partner rewards, the company provides a bonus system of incentives for achieving ranks.

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What is mining?

Mining is a way to get virtual cryptocurrency using the power of special equipment.

What is a cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a type of virtual money, the rate of which depends exclusively on the balance of supply and demand on the cryptomarket.

How can I spend cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency can be spent on anything, just like any known currency.

What caused the popularity of cryptocurrency?

The reason for the popularity of cryptocurrency was the recognition of its main advantages. In addition, high volatility has attracted many investors to the cryptocurrency market, and this number is constantly growing. Not only is the number of investors and people entering the crypto market growing, but also currency rates. This is what makes cryptocurrency very popular and attractive.

How to get / purchase cryptocurrency?

You can use numerous exchange offices, cryptocurrency exchanges or just buy cryptocurrency from your bank card. To address this issue, you can ask for help from the person who recommended you our company “Profit Mining” or to our support.

How to start earning?

To start earning on cryptocurrency mining, choose the company “Profit Mining”. With us you will get the highest profit in the possible shortest time.

Mining is profitable if it's mining with us!