What are our marketing objectives?

Performance, simplicity as well as openness!” These three crucial criteria are the foundation of our advertising.

Profit Mining permits you to get a high return on investment. Not everyone can pay for to make a major investment, yet everyone can take the time to recommend the company. Profit Mining can become your added or major service, which is available to every person! You construct your personal team and also aid it do the same, and Profit Mining kindly compensates your task and supplies normal easy income. The whole beauty of advertising and marketing is that you can gain 10s and also hundreds of times greater than your personal financial investment! The companion has the chance to join advertising and marketing after acquiring from 1 TH capacity.

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Develop your highly profitable service with Profit Mining


Produce a group

A non-standard system of affiliate rewards will certainly permit you to receive large revenue from the deepness of your team. Get up to 7% for the investment of each partner of the team at 10 levels.


Earnings Bonus offer

You obtain income every time any member of your team obtains it. This is a totally passive type of income. Get up to 6% of the revenue of each participant of your group at 10 levels.


Ranking system

For achieving the ranks, the business has bonus offers in the form of mining contracts from 5 to 1000 TH, benefits of up to $ 150,000 and a share of the earnings of the firm "Profit Mining"


Detailed training

You will certainly obtain access to step-by-step materials that will certainly help you create an effective company within the business.


Leading devices

You will certainly get accessibility to one of the most efficient and also modern-day tools for constructing your group.


Webinars and also Support

Webinars on development will certainly be readily available to you. Our on the internet assistance will constantly help in solving the problem.


Section 1

Firm Development Stages

The advancement of Profit Mining is divided right into 5 phases. At each phase, various problems are given. I and II phases of development are one of the most useful for customers. This applies not only to the rate of power, yet likewise to various other extremely vital aspects. Just at phases I and II, the client is the proprietor of the devices as well as can get rid of it at his own discretion. At stages III - V, the customer can only rent out mining abilities.

Duration of years∞*∞*5*3*1*
Include revenueYesNotNotNotNot
VIP conditionYesNotNotNotNot
Minimum TH1001111

* Operation of the equipment until loss of productivity or until the expiration of the contract, whichever precedes.

Include income - 10% of the company's net income is distributed in between companions that got 100 or more TH at the first stage of the business's development.


Phase launch days

May 2019
I Phase

Completed on November 30, 2019.

May 2019
II Phase

It will certainly be finished after the repurchase by 100,000 TH partners. The minimum acquisition amount is 1 TH.

After the conclusion of phase II
III Phase

It will be completed after the repurchase by 1,000,000 TH partners. The minimal purchase amount is 1 TH.

After the conclusion of phase III
IV Phase

It will be finished after the repurchase by 10,000,000 TH companions. The minimal purchase quantity is 1 TH.

After the conclusion of phase IV
V Phase

No quantity restriction. The minimum purchase amount is 1 TH.

"Progression of phases I as well as II"

1PH 2PH 3PH 3.5PH MAX I Phase
1PH 25PH 50PH 75PH 100PH MAX II Phase

1PH = 1000 ТХ

Section 2

Associate Award

Profit Mining has a non-standard collaboration pay system that inspires partners to develop their teams as well as get more earnings from the task of their partners than from their very own activity. Affiliate bonus is available upon buy from 1 TH individual capabilities.

1 Line5%Every time
2 Line6%Every time
3 Line7%Every time
4 Line0.3%Every time
5 Line0.2%Every time
6 Line0.1%Every time
7 Line0.1%Every time
8 Line0.1%Every time
9 Line0.1%Every time
10 Line0.1%Every time
Section 3

Matching Benefit

The companions of the firm receive passive revenue as part of the earnings of all companions of his collaborates to 10 levels in depth. The bonus is paid only from the revenue of partners that are received from cryptocurrency mining.

1 Line3%Every time
2 Line5%Every time
3 Line6%Every time
4 Line0.3%Every time
5 Line0.2%Every time
6 Line0.1%Every time
7 Line0.1%Every time
8 Line0.1%Every time
9 Line0.1%Every time
10 Line0.1%Every time
Section 4

Ranking Award Bonus Offer

Active partners of the firm receive added benefits and benefits for achieving rankings. Achieving each rank is feasible under a number of problems such as the volume of personal or group sales, along with the existence in the group of the required number of companions of a particular ranking.
The attained ranking is appointed to the partner until he reaches the next rank.

RankProblemsThe contractBonus% IncomeVIP
IFrom 1 THNotNotNotNot
II5 X 1 ranking, 250 TH sales *5 ТHLedger Nano S0.5%***Not
III3 Х 2 ranking, 2500 TH sales **25 ТH40TH1%***Not
IV3 Х 3 ranking, 15000 TH sales **150 ТH400TH2%***Yes
V2 Х 4 ranking, 50000 TH sales **500 ТH2000TH3%***Yes
VI2 Х 5 ranking, 150000 TH sales **1000 ТH6000TH3.5%***Yes

* Personal sales;
** Sales quantity of the entire team;
*** The percent of the firm's earnings is uniformly dispersed among all partners of the corresponding ranking.

Bonus is the equivalent of the value of TH, which is accrued on the balance sheet. Available for withdrawal, transfer or purchase of TH.

VIP status


Priority support, withdrawal of funds on any day, informing about special offers earlier than other partners.

How to get VIP status

Get 1000 or more TX power or reach 4 ranks.

Distribution of investments

Just how are borrowed funds spent?

Profit Mining does not get revenue from the sale of capabilities

75% Purchase of mining tools
19% Associate Program
6% Rank Perk

Distribution of the compensation

How 25% of compensation on web consumer revenue is spent

Profit Mining takes full advantage of income distribution between companions

5% Matching Reward
8% Company Income
1% Rank Reward
1% Additional revenue of customers of the initial stage


The Most Advanced Advertising and Marketing Tools

Profit Mining customers are waiting for a number of very efficient tools for team development.
These are individual web links to webinars for brand-new companions;
Landing web pages, video catches as well as video clip sites;
As accessibility to the "sales tunnel", this leads a possible partner through the most prominent immediate carriers, not just before enrollment, however additionally till he develops his own efficient group. And this is fully automatic.
Along with devices, customers obtain access to detailed directions on working with each tool as well as methods to bring in brand-new partners to the group.

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